Why should I try indoor cycling?


Indoor cycling is a low-impact workout that strengthens your muscles, burns fat and lowers stress levels.


And did we mention the indoor aspect? We all know that winters in Calgary are cold and long. Cycling indoors is a great way to keep your legs going year round.

Do I have to be a Tour de France racer to attend the class?


Not at all. Whether you’re a new rider, avid cyclist or IronMan elite, our indoor cycling classes have benefits for everyone.


I need to cancel. What now?


It’s OK, life happens! You can easily cancel through your MindBody account online.


Just make sure you’ve cancelled your reservation at least four hours prior to the time of your booked class. If you want to cancel your participation in the first two classes on weekdays or the first class on the weekend, please let us know eight hours in advance.

What does a typical class at Velocyraptor look like?


Our Ride Leads will take you on a cycling journey which includes hill climbs, sprints and interval training. We use music, visualizations and enthusiastic coaching to keep you going and meet goals.


Your ride time will be around 60 minutes, with a 10-minute cooldown (stretching) at the end of your ride.

I’m a beginner. Anything I should know?


Just start pedalling! Come visit us and we’ll introduce you to our Lead Riders to ensure you’re comfortable with our equipment before your first ride.  

Why Velocyraptor?


Our goal has been to create a cycling studio that keeps you coming back. We’ve brought together several cycling influencers (Ride Leads) within the Calgary area to share their knowledge and expertise.

What should I wear?


Bring comfortable clothes that allow movement and breathability. For some, cycling shorts are preferred as they have a padded seat (chamois) for extra comfort while on the saddle.

How do I sign up?


Signing up is easy, just follow this link

Can I bring my own shoes?


We will provide you with Pro Indoor Cycling Shoes. Please remember always to wear your pro indoor cycling shoes only when you are on a bike ready to ride.

What should I bring with me?


We will provide you with a towel and a water bottle. All you need are comfortable clothes that let you breathe.

Any Rules?


 1.  Speak only about indoor cycling and things related to your workout.

2.  WATER, WATER, WATER! Stay hydrated.

3.  Do not bring DRAMA. Come here to train and have fun.

4.  Use deodorant.

5.  Turn off your cellphone and leave it in the locker.


How long until I see results?


Talk to our Ride Leads about recommended nutrition to accompany your exercise. Please keep in mind everyone’s body is different. A set timeframe is not guaranteed.

Can I cycle with a bad back?


Even though indoor cycling is a low-impact workout, we suggest consulting with your doctor first.  

Can I attend an indoor cycling class while I’m pregnant?


Please discuss with your doctor. Although indoor cycling in a low impact workout, it’s best to run these things by the doctor to be sure.

What if I cannot keep up with the pace?


Don’t worry! As our classes are open to all skill types, we will focus on technique to start.


Anything else?


You tell us! Should you have any questions that are not listed here, let us know.

Do you provide lockers?


Yes, you’ll receive locker details upon checking in for your class.